Snipers and Assassins: An interview with 1Shot and Jester

Runners rejoice! Today your friend Mojo brings to Shadowland an interview with two of the best at what they do: 1Shot and Jester. They're here to tell you, the running audience, the difference between Snipers and Assassins. 1Shot, Jester, thanks for coming.

JESTER: Glad to be here.

MOJO: Let's get down to business shall we? So what is the difference between a sniper and an assassin? I mean both your primary jobs are to kill people.

1SHOT: That may be true, but while a sniper kills with skill, an assassin kills with flair.

MOJO: Flair?

1SHOT: Yeah; style, panash, you know: flair!

JESTER: It's not exactly flair all the time. An assassin is an artist.