MOJO: Doesn't it take skill, then, to kill in either occupation?

1SHOT: Any monkey can walk up to a target and put a gun to the back of his head. But only a skilled sniper can trek the Azzie rainforest, find the target, and take the shot from El Presidente.

MOJO: Understandable, but what about the assassin?

JESTER: I don't consider myself a monkey because I have walked up to targets and plugged them, but it takes skill to plan that moment out. An assassin uses her charm, guile, and daring to make the hit. That's where her skill lies.

MOJO: Where does the sniper's skill lie? Is it only his skill in the wood? Or, is there more to it?

1SHOT: That was just an example. It doesn't matter what jungle their in; urban or wild. Ultimately, a sniper is a soldier. His job, like any other soldier's job is to kill, as efficiently as possible. Soldiering is a business, it's a job, an occupation, a regular salary.

JESTER: Exactly, a wage slave to the government. An assassin is an independent contractor.

MOJO: What about weapons and technique? Are they the same? Snipers use rifles and assassins use rifles.