BEDLAM: Sorry, sir.

LOBO: You better be f'n sorry, punk, or I'll be forced to turn THIS situation into a Walking Dead situation!

BEDLAM: Sorry, sir, I didn't mean...

LOBO: Shut your hole and let me finish!

BEDLAM: Right, sir.

LOBO: Like I was saying, It's a situation in which the leader comes up with a good plan and the rest of the team tosses that plan out the window and they decide to fuck their way in and fuck their way out and everything and everyone is going to suffer something fierce for it. Asshole of misery, I tell you. Now, THAT'S a "Walking Dead Situation."

BEDLAM: I didn't know that?

LOBO: That's it queer boy, I'm kicking your ass.

BEDLAM: For what?!

LOBO: For not calling me "sir!"