BEDLAM: I just thought that I might help the runners connected to the Matrix out by imparting them knowledge on your running style so that they can learn from the mistakes of others and not wind up as some grease spot in some God forsaken corp, sir.

LOBO: That's very f'n noble of you... uh... what's your name again?

BEDLAM: Bedlam, sir.

LOBO: You spell that funny?

BEDLAM: I spell it with an 8, sir.

LOBO: And all those squiggley things and shit?

BEDLAM: Yes, sir.

LOBO: Quit it. It annoys the fuck out of me!

BEDLAM: Would you like me to finish the questions, sir?

LOBO: Uh... just skip down to the last ones so I can get the fuck out of here.

(Dead air as Bedlam flips the paper over and reads down to the end of the paper)