BEDLAM: Uh, "What plans do..."

LOBO: Start with the one before that.

BEDLAM: Uh... "What do you think of the new Walking Dead?" sir.

LOBO: I think they're f'n crazy to even be calling themselves the Walking Dead. I don't think they realize what kind of reputation comes with that jolly pirate monicker. Not that it matters. Did you know that there are runners that have come up with a term for The Walking Dead?

BEDLAM: No, sir, I didn't.

LOBO: Yeah, it's called, "A Walking Dead Situation."

BEDLAM: What kind of situation is that, sir?

LOBO: It means what it means. It's the type of situation in which the leader of the group comes up with a shit hot ass plan that's going to blind side the opposition so bad that they'll be facing thair asses so badly they won' know what the fuck hit them.

BEDLAM: That's not a bad situation, sir.

LOBO: You didn't let me finish.