BEDLAM: What's wrong this time?!

LOBO: What the fuck do you mean my past?! You want to screw me over or something by kidnapping my parents or some shit like that?! 'Cause if you do, I'll fucking hunt your ass down and beat you to death!

BEDLAM: That's not what I meant....

LOBO: Then you better start explaining yourself queer boy or things are going to get real ugly real fucking soon, you hear?!

BEDLAM: What I meant to ask you was, tell me about where you got your training?

LOBO: Is that all? Fuck, you should of asked that question instead.

BEDLAM: I thought I did.

LOBO: Well, you didn't.

BEDLAM: Can you please answer the question?

LOBO: Sure. Which question was that? How low I was hangin' or the one where you asked me about my training?