BEDLAM: Training.

LOBO: Just making sure.


LOBO: Well, after graduating high school I hooked up with the UCAS Marine Corps where I was trained to be a scout sniper. Hey, if you're writing this down there's a slash between the scout and sniper part.

BEDLAM: Actually, I'm recording this on my pocket secretary.

LOBO: What? You're not filming me, too, are ya?!

BEDLAM: No, why?

LOBO: Just checking. I don't want any of your "fans" to come hunt me down.

BEDLAM: Why would they have a reason to?

LOBO: You ask a lot of personal fucking questions, you know I can snap your neck right now? Shit! I can fucking break your ass into little itty bitty fucking fragments. How much do you weigh, one twenty? One forty?