Rules of Engagement

 by: The Lounge Lizard

 Sorry to disappoint a lot of you jet jocks out there, but this ain't no flyin' post I'm puttin' up here. Nope, the kind of engagin' I deal with doesn't involve some souped up fly boy ridin' suicide on top of a 40 megaton warhead prepped to hit Chicago. Not here. So if you're lookin' for that go somewhere else.

I deal with the kind of engagement that you sim junkies try to counterfeit on those inane BTL simsense chips you bastards keep slammin' into your heads. I'm talkin' about the real deal. I'm talkin' real life chicas with cassava melons so big those chips ain't nothin'!

You're probably wonderin' why it is I'm even botherin' to post for somethin' you already know about. I'm sayin' you don't know jack! As far as I'm concerned, all you know about fucking is insert A into B, pump a few times till you twitch, and that's it. Your ass is done. Let me tell ya, only chumps do shit like that. Let me show you how it's really done. And if you still think that you know more than me, then frag you ya bastard!


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