The Art of Seduction  

I know what you're thinkin'. You're thinkin' you don't need to learn how to rail some pretty chica 'cause you already know how. Well, ya poor deluded soul, you don't know everythin'. That's where the experts like myself come in. We possess, aside from skills such as Etiquette, Negotiations, Interrogation, and Intimidation, a Charisma linked skill called Seduction.

Now Seduction is a catch all category for the art of getting people to do what you want them to do usin' your sex appeal. The higher your Charisma, the easier it's goin' to be for you to seduce someone, 'cause you're just that much of a charmin' person, ya see? Now below you'll see the actual skill so's I don't have to repeat myself and shit like that.

Seduction (Charisma)

Dependin' on how you look at it the Seduction Skill is either a weaker version of the Leadership Skill (since you're not dealin' with crowds, 'cept in the case of Strip Tease) or as a sick version of the Negotiation Skill (since you are tryin' to get somethin' in return). This skill allows the character to make a person of the opposite sex do what they normally might not, mostly inspired by the prospect of sexual gratification. This skill uses an Open Test to generate a target number that the victim must meet or exceed usin' his or her Willpower to withstand the sexual approach. A character with the Seduction skill may use it as a Complementary skill for Willpower tests when bein' seduced. (Note: This skill can be used on PC's or NPCs who are homosexual who are of the SAME sex not opposite).

Default Attribute: Charisma

Specializations: Intercourse, Oral Sex, Strip Tease Dancin', S&M, B&D, Flirtin', or anythin' else your dirty little minds can allow.

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