To influence a character through the Seduction Skill, the player makes an Open Test to generate target numbers for other characters or NPCs. Modifiers are applied to the test result (See Social Modifiers Table). In Seduction the Open Test determines a target number for the character resistin' the seduction. The character makes a Willpower Success Test against the Open Test result to determine how effectively he/she can keep from lettin' their privates do the talkin' and the walkin'. The Gamemaster can determine how far the character is willin' to let their privates think for them or how much horniness they exhibit by the size of the gap between the Willpower Test result and the target number. Specifics are left up to the gamemaster and the situation at hand.

Seduction Open Test Modifiers

Seducer's Charisma Ratin' is 5-6 +1
Seducer's Charisma Ratin' is 7 or higher +2
Control Thoughts/Emotions spell cast on target by seducer (or teammate) +1 per success
Seducer is taller than target +1
Seducer is wearin' clothes that turns target on +1 or more
Seducer performs visual sex act that doesn't involve touching target (i.e. licking a sucker in a seductive manner, touchin'/gropin' self, etc.) +2
Seducer has a well-developed body part Target likes (i.e. breasts, ass, legs, etc.) +(GM's option)
Target hasn't had any (sex) in a while +(GM's option)
Target is bein' physically groped +(GM's option)
Target is intoxicated +1
Target's Charisma Ratin' is 1 +2
Target's Charisma Ratin' is 2 +1
Target's or Seducer's Charisma Ratin' is 3-4 0
Target is oblivious to come on (socially stupid) -2
Target has Professional Ratin' -Ratin'
Seducer's Charisma Ratin' is 1 -2
Seducer's Charisma Ratin' is 2 -1
Target has religious/ethical/moral/social strictures he/she needs to follow Negate bonuses (+'s)
Target's Charisma Ratin' is 5-6 -1
Target's Charisma Ratin' is 7 or higher -2

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