Now this isn't exactly a method but the natural order of things in the world. Sometimes a fetus just don't want to be born and they abort themselves for whatever reason, usually because of stress brought upon the woman due to such strenuous activities like Shadowrunnun' and the likes.

To show the randomness of such occurrence any woman who is pregnant and in her first trimester sufferin' Serious Stun, or more, or any kind of Physical Damage equal to or above a Moderate, (whatever the case) automatically has a miscarriage, baby's dead, no comin' back.

If the character is 4 to 9 months pregnant, then the birth should be treated as Organic Damage (pg. 129 Man & Machine). Treat as all Physical Attributes affected (i.e. Strength, Quickness, & Body). To heal the damage, see page 131 for Attribute Stress Healing.

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