Miscarriage Continued...

If there are no medical facilities and the baby's being born, like say (God forbid) on a Run, then use the following rules:

Note: A Biotech Skill is needed to deliver a baby, if there is no Character with the Biotech Skill available then complications will occur.

The character is in her fourth month:

Attending Character with Biotech Skill must make a Biotech Skill (10) Test to deliver the baby alive. For every success, the baby gets one hour to receive medical attention from a medical facility, or it dies. If there are no successes then the baby dies. The character must then attend to the mother, regardless if the baby is born alive or dead and make a Biotech Skill (8) Test treating as a Serious Wound (Note: Use First Aid Table pg. 129 SR3 book for Condition Modifiers in both tests.)

Complications: If no character is available with a Biotech Skill then the baby automatically dies and the mother requires medical attention as if receiving a Serious Wound.

(Note: The baby must be under continuous observation or else it develops complications and dies.

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