Women's Contraception Continued...

There is one other little detail I would like to hit on to give you women a fair chance at not gettin' pregnant and so I won't sound so sexist, and that's luck.

Now bein' women, your systems act in all kinds of funny ways and sometimes you get pregnant and sometimes you don't. So to show this erratic behavior your bodies go through, whenever a man busts his nut inside of you, you make a Luck Test usin' your Charisma against a Target Number equal to ten minus your Body Ratin'.

So let's say you're a pretty lady and you got a Charisma 6 (not bad) and you've been workin' out in your off hours for a Body Ratin' of 4 (little hard body, eh?). Well, you subtract your Body Ratin' of 4 from 10 to get a Target Number 6. You roll a number of dice equal to your Charisma (6). So you take your six dice and roll to get a 1, 4, 5, 6, 6, and a 6, you dodged the bullet little lady, you're not pregnant.

Now you only needed one success to not be pregnant, but you really dodged that bullet.

Now this doesn't mean you're goin' to need sixes all the damn time, it don't work that way, it's called Luck 'cause it can run out! So every time you make sweet lovin' with some hillbilly swine who don't deserve you and he nuts inside you, your target number goes up by one. So let's say you get nutted into again, instead of 6 your target number will be seven, then eight, then nine, then ten, and so on until you get pregnant, now if you get pregnant before that you don't need to increase the number, you can't get any more pregnant.

Now to be fair, the number does reset itself after 30 days of in game time. That means you can start pushin' your luck all over again, that's assumin' you don't get pregnant before the 30 days.

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