Women's Contraception Continued

Now there are options to keep from havin' a kid. There's the Mornin' After Pill, Abortion, and the ever possible Miscarriage.

Mornin' After Pill

Again, The Lounge Lizard ain't no medical doctor and doesn't really know how this shit here works, but since I need rules and shit for you this is how I make it work.

The Mornin' After Pill is a pill a woman can take to induce a sort of anti-fertilization of the egg by the sperm. The way it works, is the woman takes it one right after havin' sex and then one six hours later and then one every 12 after that for a week. This is "suppose" to keep the egg from maturin', The Lounge Lizard ain't no scientologist and doesn't really understand the inner workin's and such but this is how he understands it to work.

Now, to show this in game terms the woman (that bein' you pixie girl) makes a Test usin' the drug's Ratin' in dice against a Target Number equal to 10 minus your Body Attribute. So let's say you went and got yourself a really good Mornin' After Pill (Ratin' 6) and you have a Target Number equal to 10 minus your Body Attribute 4, that's six dice your rollin' against a target number 6. So you roll and you get a 1 2, 2, 2, 3, and a 6, one success. Now that's good cause you only need one. You do this for every single dose you take for that week.

So let's calculate doses. You take 1 JUST AFTER sex, 1 six hours later, that's 2. Now that leaves you with another 156 hours which is 13 more doses you have to take before you can say you're in the clear for a grand total of 15 doses of the shit. Now, if you miss a dose or one of the doses doesn't work, your pregnant, no savin' your ass now if you don't believe in abortions, so don't skimp any money on the pills and get the cheap over the counter brands, get yourself some of the good shit from your local street doc. If none of the doses fails then you're in the clear, you dodged the bullet.

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