Now for women. Women have a large variety of contraceptives. There are four main forms women prefer to take: Cyber implanted Contraceptive, Nanite Contraceptive, the birth control pill or patch, and the injection.

Cyber implant Contraceptive

This is a little cybernetically implanted device whose sole purpose is to eradicate the egg in a woman's uterus. No egg, no baby. Simple as that, don't ask The Lounge Lizard how it works 'cause he don't know, just trust me, it works 100%. The only drawback is that it's hard to take out once implanted and may cause permanent damage to a woman's stuff if not taken out properly thus takin' care of any baby problems she may have in the future.

Cost: 900

Availability: 4/24 hrs.

Essence Cost: .5

Street Index: 1

Legality: Legal

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