Women's Contraception Continued...

Nanite Contraceptive

This one's new to me. I'll tell what's what when I can find out how it works.

The Birth Control Pill/Patch

We all know how this one works. It's a pill designed to trick the woman's body into thinkin' it's pregnant so the body won't release an egg. Side effects can be water retention, lack of sex drive, fatigue, or none at all. The pill is only 99.9% effective and the rules are the same for a condom breakin'. Fumble and you're pregnant.

Cost: 35 for 30 pills(1 pill a day for 30 days) 20 per patch (1 patch a day for 30 days.

Availability: Always

Essence: None

Street Index: .75

Legality: Legal

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