Playin' the Numbers

To rail the hell out of her, you need to determine how many dice you're goin' to be rollin' for the Fuck Test. The number of dice you use is equal to your Willpower usin' Seduction as a Complementary Skill, these are called Fuck Dice.

So let's say you're a pretty stubborn fella and you don't back down to easily from fights and we'll give you a Willpower of 5, but unfortunately your little monkey ass never really stopped to talk to women and you've been payin' prostitutes most of your life to get your rocks off so you have no Complementary Seduction Skill. This would give you a grand total of 5 Fuck Dice (Your stubborn ass 5 + your lack of skill 0 = 5). Now for her.

Let's say she's a pretty little experienced pixie and she's seen your type before, but she felt sorry you ain't been gettin' any lately so she has a Willpower 4, she's also been screwin' around more than you and been usin' toys to help her make men's experiences the wildest ever and has got a Seduction Skill of a 4. This would give her nice round ass 4 Fuck Dice, and 4 Seduction Dice to give you a little more dick pleasin'. All right, it's time to insert A into B!

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