Wakin' Up the Neighbors

So there you are, fine as hell pointy-eared broad lyin' nekkid in your bed askin' for it! Let's get it on!

You take your Fuck Dice, which we've determined is 5 and you roll them usin' the target number given to you by her fine round ass (8). So you roll and you get a 3, 3, 3, 5, and a 6, re-rollin' the six gets you a 3 for a grand total of 9. You got one success. Now her.

If you'll remember, and I know you will cause you like to hold grudges, her target number is your half decent Charisma 5. So she takes her 4 Fuck Dice first and she rolls a 3, 3, 4, and a 5, one success. Now she rolls her Complementary Seduction Skill. Since she got a success on her Fuck Test. She rolls her Skill of 4 and gets a 3, 3, 5, and 6. Now for every two successes she gets on her Seduction Skill roll, that's one extra success she gets to her Fuck Test. That means she beat your unskilled ass by one success and made you pop your top and for all your bumpin' and thrustin' you didn't make her call out your name but at least made her tight pussy muscles work themselves into a quick orgasmic frenzy.

Had she not gotten any successes on her Fuck Test, she wouldn't have been able to roll her Seduction Skill to Complement her Fuck Dice. That just means she's all hoopin' and hollerin' and not enough action for you to get your jollies right, but now she wants just a little more out of you so she can go home happy. But before all that let's see how long it took you to blow.

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