Monkey See, Monkey Do All Night LONG!

 Now I've been Readin' up on my scientific studies and found that a fine ass Lookin' broad makes Screwin' a hell of a lot better than one that looks like Fido fresh out of cosmetic surgery. Now I know, fine Lookin' chicas are hard to find, but for some reason the ones that do look good all wind up in Playboy or Big 'Uns! This Bein' the case, I say you just ain't Lookin' hard enough , or it could be you're just so Goddamn ugly they all run and hide when you walk into the room! But looks have a lot to do with how the horizontal Tango feels. Your mind tells you that a fine ass lookin' chick would feel good. So when you go to screwin', the concept that it's goin' to feel good is already there! So if you're blind then you're drek out of luck.

Just as side note, the Social Modifiers Table doesn't apply here, we're assumin' the seducin' has already taken place.

The rules for engagin' go somethin' like this:

First, you both determine your target numbers. Now, if your short attention span allows you to remember, which I doubt, I was sayin' that looks have a lot to do with how it feels, so that means your Charisma Ratin' is the target number she's goin' to need to reach or exceed to get your little jolly rocks off.

 Now let's say God decided to be good to you and blessed you with a decent Charisma 5. That means she would need fives or better to succeed in gettin' you to bust your nut. The same process goes for her.

Now let's say you've got a fine ass pixie chick and she's got a hellified Charisma 8 (you lucky ass dog!) that would be your target number to try and reach or exceed to get her to blow her top. See a high Charisma does help make it better, for YOU! Now you're ready to jump her bones grasshopper.

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