The 'Dead:

Firefly: The first victim in a string of deaths that would become the bane of every member's existence. Gai-Jin: The second victim. He died fighting to the bitter end, sacrificing his body for The 'Dead.
Wraith: Died of starvation after encountering vampires in Germany and being unable to break his ethics of killing innocents for food. Fang: Was brutally killed by a toxic shaman while on a run in Germany. Ice sent this pour soul to the happy hunting grounds via express mail (i.e. C4)
Raptor: Died after taking a poisoned heal potion after the Germany run. Crossfyre: Killed by ant spirits during an extermination run in the barrens.
Atmost: Killed by super psycho turbo titty bitches from space after stupidly turning his back on one of them and taking an axe in the back. Steppenwolf: Killed by Pitt after a run against mafiosi after they blew up Jake's new bike.
Pitt: Killed in the Arctic circle by yellow jackets that riddled him with 30 rounds from mini-guns. Jake: Recently killed by another shadowrunning team while on a kidnapping run.