JESTER: I'll tell you. An assassin tailor makes a hit. A sniper does something along the same lines except he'll never get in close. His only choice of weapons is a sniper rifle, or any rifle, since I haven't seen 1 Shot use any other kind of rifle except a sporting rifle. Anyway, I'll use what I need to depending on what the employer wants. He wants it quiet, I'll do it quiet. He wants it loud, I do it loud.

MOJO: Which leads me to weapons again, what kind do you use?

JESTER: I guess you're going to want something specific?

MOJO: That would help.

JESTER: Well, it depends on the job. But all jobs start the same. I get contacted by an intermediary, I never meet the employer personally, it cuts down on the screw me in the ass factor. Next I ask for all the information I can get on the target using a prospography my mentor taught me while I was in Japan. What I don't get from my intermediary, I get myself by getting close to the target, sometimes even becoming friends.

MOJO: Doesn't it feel awkward to kill someone you know?