LOBO: Man, where do I start with that little bitch? I'll start with dysfunctional. That little girl. I remember when I first met up with her. She was just sixteen and Jester had told me the story of how that dumb little bitch was caught trying to steal Jes's Westwind while Ice and Jes were here in Seattle taking a small hiatus from the NAN. If you ask me, I say Ice and Jes got into some trouble over in the NAN and needed a place to hang for a while until the heat died down. But anyway, that little bitch was all in love with Jester. Man you should have seen the kind of glazed look she had in her eyes whenever Jes walked into a room. I remember one time Ice was trying to teach the little pixie bitch how a sentry gun works and the minute she heard the door to Ice's place open up, she'd run out and meet Jes. Goddamn! I swear, if Jes had a dick, that little bitch would have her mouth warapped around it twenty-four seven! FUCK! Next.

BEDLAM: Uh... okay, how about Pitt, sir?

LOBO: Pitt? I got along with Pitt. What little I was there for. I tell you that fucker had a head on his shoulders. When Ice and Jes left the little girl and Pitt in charge of the 'Dead, it was wise of him to take control. I tell you, if that little girl were leading the group it would have gone straight to f'n hell! Pitt was cool, though. He became leader. That little bitch didn't seem too happy that Jes and Ice left without her, but she sucked it up and took it like a man. I was kinda proud of that. Anyway, I liked Pitt. What happened to that bastard anyway?

BEDLAM: Huh... oh, uh... Pitt died in the Arctic circle during a run, sir.

LOBO: Sorry to hear that. How'd he buy it?