BEDLAM: Yes, sir.

LOBO: Good, I don't want to have to stick my hand up your ass and use you for a meat puppet.

BEDLAM: Right, sir.

LOBO: Now ask.

BEDLAM: Okay, sir. The first question I'd like to ask you is, "What do you think of The Walking Dead," sir?

LOBO: I'll tell you, they're a bunch of f'n crack pots. The whole lot of them! Next question.

BEDLAM: Right, sir. "Where would you like to start," sir?

LOBO: Shit, there's so f'n many of them, why don't you pick one?

(Dead air as Bedlam looks down at the paper to read the names)

BEDLAM: Uh... how about Bliss, sir? What do you think of Bliss, sir?