Howdy there chummers, thought I'd give ya something new to ponder. Since Mojo's gone and there's really no one here to interview anyone of these 'Dead. So I have taken it upon myself to conduct some dirt digging and shadow grabbin' to get some info out to you little drekkies so you don't wind up a grease spot in some God forsaken corp. facility. For this I went out and found one of the newest members of The Walking Dead: Lobo.

Just to keep facts, facts, let me start by saying that Lobo goes by more than one name, it's just that Lobo happens to be the name he chose while he's with the 'Dead. Let him explain.

BEDLAM: Welcome to our little chat forum Lobo, how's it hangin'?

LOBO: What are you lookin' for a date?

BEDLAM: No, why?

LOBO: 'Cause you're askin' me how low my wang hangs, that's why.

BEDLAM: It's a rhetorical question, I didn't mean anything by it.

LOBO: A rheta-what?!

BEDLAM: Rhetorical.

LOBO: What the fuck did you call me?!