An abortion is when a baby is literally killed with in the woman's body in it's first trimester or first three months. The Lounge Lizard don't approve much of this method, what with his respect for life and all the potential for these pre-born fetuses to become future elven hotties for The Lounge Lizard to make sweet music with. Anyway, it's the woman's choice and it is legal so here's the skinny on the prices and such. As an after thought, there are Street Docs out there that will Abort the fetus after it's first trimester, some may even kill the thing right up until it's about to be born, but this is illegal. Again, The Lounge Lizard disapproves of this method.

Cost: 1000 for Legal Abortion (GM's discretion for illegal method)

Availability: 2/6hrs. For both methods

Essence Cost: None for legal method/ .1 for illegal method each

Legality: Legal (to an extent)

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