How Well You Did

Here's how well you did:

 # of Success:   How well you did:


 Ya just fucked up someone's life.


 You just barely managed to pull out and messed on yourself (roll on Random Hit Location Table).


 You managed to pull out but still didn't hit a part of her body. (Look on the bright side, it ain't on you either).


 You managed to pull out and hit her, just not in the spot you wanted (roll on Random Hit Location Table for results).


 You not only pulled out, but you hit her right where you had intended to hit her with your jizz, The Lounge Lizard says you're the man, but you're still not The Lounge Lizard.

Well, accordin' to this table here, The Lounge Lizard has declared you the man! You lucky dog you. So now let's see what the various locations are in which you can tag a little pixie girl.

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