No, I'm not into men, but bein' a man myself I'm here to tell you the options you got to keep them little pixie girls from havin' your bastard child. The main ones are: Condoms and Withdrawal.


Condoms are easy to get. You can buy them at the corner liquor store, the pharmacy, or steal them from those little dispenser thingies in the bathrooms at the beach or some other place they have them. You can also get them free at clinics where they want drug addicts to have as few children as possible. Now, I know it's embarrassin' gettin' these things sometimes, but trust me when I tell you that they prevent some really fragged up nasty venereal diseases from sneakin' up into your Wang causin' it to fall off. Yeah, it CAN fall off, POP!

Now accordin' to my research, and such, I've discovered that these things are about 99.9% effective, which means you got be pikin' the little pixie pretty hard to make that sucker break. So let's say that if you got your Willpower of 5 and you actually learned a little Seduction on the way to porkin' some new little pixie (you dog you!). Let's say you manage to read a few books and talked to a few shadowrunner babes for advice and after they got done laughin' at your ass they told you what's up and you have a Seduction Skill of 2. So you put your little jimmy hat on (condom) and you roll these seven dice (Your still stubborn ass of 5 + your knew found knowledge 2 = 7) and you get six ones and NO successes. Well, in my book that's a fumble, which means you're assed out! The condom broke and you got that pretty little pixie pregnant, no matter, she's just a one nighter to you. But to those runners who are responsible and would be stupid enough to take care of that baby, sorry chummer, you lose. But that's about the only time you can break a condom, on a fumble. So good luck.

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