Star Me Kitten

So you wanna keep goin' huh? Well, it ain't all that easy iron man. A man can only give out as many pearl necklaces equal to his Body Ratin', this is called a Threshold. Same goes for her, she can only be Mt. St. Helens a number of times equal to her Body Ratin'. Since you been workin' out and all, that means you can jizz on her pretty body 4 times before you start takin' Light Stun Damage. Same goes for her. She can only call out God's name really loud and mean it 5 times (remember she's been eatin' her Dandelions like clockwork) before she starts takin' 1 Light Stun Damage Wound that can't be resisted for every Fuck Test past her Threshold.

Now you can keep goin', which would make for some interestin' sex. Unfortunately, you only got 10 boxes of Stun Damage you can take. But let's say you're a determined little fragger and you're goin' on a run the followin' day that you think you ain't comin' out alive from, which is a good incentive to keep fuckin' 'til you can't fuck no more. Well, you both keep havin' Fuck Tests until you're both past your Thresholds (Your Body Ratin'). Now for every box along the way that's an extra minute you add to the base time.

So let's say you both manage to get to Serious Stun + 1. That means you add 7 to your base time, givin' you 11 base minutes (your Body Ratin' 4 + 7 boxes of Stun Damage filled =11) instead of the standard 4 (your Body Ratin' 4). And let's say you suck it up and keep havin' Fuck Tests until you fill up all ten of them little boxes of Stun Damage, what then?

Well, if you'll notice the last box on that meter says UNCONSCIOUS. That's right, you're goin' to black out from all that exertin' you been puttin' yourself through, but there is a way stay awake.

Whenever you fill the 10 boxes of Stun Damage, you make a Willpower Test against a Target Number 6 plus the injury modifiers from all that exertin'. One success means you stay conscious and can act normally (albeit with a bit of a funny walk); failure means you just black out, so sad, too bad, good-night, bye-bye. Of course, if you stay conscious, you get to add those 10 minutes to your base time.

If you do manage to stay conscious after all that fuckin' and you still want to keep goin' and the two of you have made your Willpower Tests to stay conscious and your both on a suicide fuckin' marathon, you can keep goin'. That just means that for every Fuck Test past your tenth Stun Damage Monitor that's 1 Light Physical Damage Wound you're each goin' to take. This is to represent the chaffin' of movin' parts, lack of lubrication, swellin' of private parts, and bumpin' uglies somethin' fierce. Of course, for every Light Physical Wound you take past your tenth Stun Damage Monitor, that's another Willpower (6) Test (plus wound modifiers) your both gonna have to make. Success means you stay awake to fuck some more; failure means you're out cold, good-night, bye-bye. Again, if you still manage to keep fuckin' all the way up until you both die then you get to add every little box along the way to your base time, that's 20 minutes plus your base time, for a grand total of 24 minutes. All times are cumulative.

And let's say you're a sick twisted little fragger with a sick fraggin' fantasy of dyin' from too much fuckin' ? Well, you can keep goin' a number of times equal to Body Ratin' before you croak. No comin' back, you've gone to the big fuck fest in the sky. And each and every time you keep goin' that's another Willpower (6) Test (plus all modifiers built up along the way) you have to make to stay conscious to fulfill your wish. One success means you stay awake; failure means you're out cold, good-night, bye-bye, ya sick fuck.

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