>S'up fanboy! Here's the skinny on who the fuck I am, 'cause I ain't got nothing to hide.
I was born August 26, 2014 to Mexican parents in the lovely city of South Gate in California (before it was Cal Free). My parents ( who are 71 or so) are Hernando Sanchez and Victoria Cortez Sanchez, it was my dad's idea to name Cuatehmoc, just so the kids at school wouldn't harass me as much. To his surprise I was born an elf. My mom didn't care though, to her I'm her little Miguelito (that's what she wanted to call me in the first place). Anyway, I lived a relatively secluded life apart from most of the kids at school on account of I was an elf. Even though the majority population of the school was Mexican American (20% of which was fervently in favor of joining Aztlan) I was still an outsider. I had to hang back with the Dwarf and Elf kids and had to get my ass regularly beat by the trogs of the school. But I was just a kid and that's to be f'n expected from ignorant fucks who don't know what's up.
Anyway, high school is where I met Tokyo Doll. She used to call me Mav. (she really liked the movie Top Gun and I was like her Mexican Tom Cruise or something). She was like the only Asian broad in the entire fucking school. Thing is she was an elf too, and damn this little Chinky eyed bitch was fine, I mean she tits out to here and an ass out to here, I mean she was fine. Anyway, this little broad and me, hung out together and got to know each other real well. Towards the end of high school, we became really good friends (fuck buddies if you really want to know). Man, I tell you though she was freak, I guess it was the rigid lifestyle her parents had her in. I remember prom night when I went to the dance with this fine ass cross country runner elf and Tokyo Doll (who's real name is Kachiko by the way) took the captain to the soccer team (who happened to be human). To make a long story short, Tokyo Doll ditched her prom date and went up to my rented suite with my date and me and had a threesome ‘til dawn. Goddamn was I fucking tired. My fucking dick hurt so bad it felt like it had fallen completely off. I mean I'd had fuck marathons and shit with Kachiko before, but this monster fuck had two freaky elf girls in it and damn was there not enough of me to go around. I wound up having to use my tongue! Even that wound up swelling up and I couldn't eat for a few days!
After graduating high school, Kachiko went to San Francisco State and I joined the Marines (I was stupid then) where I the USA trained me to become a Marine Sniper. After serving four years in the Marine Corp. in Virginia, I came back to California to visit my parents who had become Hollywood bigwigs (producing some of the top blockbusters of the time). This was about 2032. When I asked around for Kachiko I found out that she was living in San Fran with her new boyfriend. Some yak who called himself Fuzaki (of course I didn't know what the fuck a yak was then, but fuck it). Not happy without a gun in my hand I re-enlisted but this time I enlisted in the Navy to become a S.E.A.L. I had always thought that S.E.A.L.'s were cool and I wanted to be one. This where I met Bandit (my decker buddy).
Bandit and me were inseparable. We served our four years in S.E.A.L. Team Six and re-enlisted as snipers (I managed to talk him into becoming a sniper and he liked the idea since decking mainframes was getting boring) This was about 2036 when the now new UCAS (after those turncoat CAS'ers left us with half a country) kicked California out the union. I had to leave my station in Coronado and move to somewhere near New York where it was cold as fuck! Anyway, my parents managed to survive the secessions and are pretty big moguls in show business.
New York is where I wound up meeting Jester. This was about 2053 while she was stripping at this club. My buddy Bandit introduced me to her while we were on leave one day and that same day Jes. and I got to fucking and man did we fuck! I mean this redheaded lass knew all kinds of shit! Ever since then, every chance I got, I went straight to Jester who always had something new to teach my old ass. She called me Miguelito. I mean we had some good fucking times in and out of the bedroom, that was until she moved out to Seattle with this black dude Firefly. Jester and I kept in touch through Bandit except for about a six month period in late ‘54 and ‘55 when she was off globe trotting with the Walking Dead.
Around 2056, when Bandit and I were transferred to Ft. Lewis in Seattle, we met up with Jester again, this time she had boyfriend who calls himself Ice (he calls me Miguelito too, Jes. must have told him) Anyway, whenever Bandit and I weren't doing shit for the government we'd hang out with them. Jes. told me they were laying low in Seattle while the heat died down in the NAN over a little thing that happened, she never told me the specifics. In any case we hung out together and Jester wanted me to meet someone who knew me. I was totally surprised to find out it was my Tokyo Doll, Kachiko. It turns out she wound up becoming a high class prostitute for the yaks. I asked if she could get out and she said she couldn't unless someone bought her. I asked her how much and she said one mil. Since then I've been trying to raise the money to buy her out of the yaks, you know to help a buddy out. It's around this time also that I wound up meeting Pander, Bad Mojo, and Whisper.
So now that I'm retired from the military, I'm wondering what the fuck I'm going to do to get Kachiko out of the shitty mess she's in. I guess I'll turn to shadowrunning to raise the money, but fuck is it going to take a while!