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By the laws of this land and court order I've been forced to put up this little snip-it of, "What you need to know." So here goes. This site is a fan site and in no way challenges Fasa's copyrights or means to making a fast buck, blah, blah , blah. This site is copyright © 1998 By Bad Mojo Entertainment, and may not be reproduced without permission. The Surgeon General has stated that this site may cause cancerous tumors if exposed to for prolonged periods of time. This site has been known to cause birth defects in your unborn child such insomnia, colic, genius, rebellion, and many other defects normally attributed to teenagers who do nothing more than waste their time in front of a computer screen. some doctors have noted that staring at the pretty pictures and reading some of the small print found within the contents of the site have been known to cause nearsightedness, blindness, farsightedness, miopia, cataracts, and anything else you can think of that fucks up your eyes. Some have claimed to have received healing powers after viewing some of the pages found within if that's the case then, "You are healed!" Others may have suffered mild arithmias, heart attacks, aneurisms, strokes, internal bleeding and blood clotting, epileptic seisures, search and seisures, ATF agents running around and collecting all the smut you got off of David Koresh's website, and anything to do with 'ol Charlies Manson. Jane Mansfield and Jim Jones give this site a two thumbs up. Ted Bundy was quoted saying, "This site is what told the devil to make me do it!" Hitler also blames our site for inspiring him to start WWII. Napoleon along with many other French people claim that this site is the reason why they hate Americans. The French also tell us that they want their statue of liberty back. Our President Bill (Morning Wood) Clinton was heard replying, "Indian givers." At which time many Indians and Native Americans started protesting, particularly after hearing that Nixon had a portrait of Ho Chi Minh posted up in his video store. That action caused the events that eventually lead up to Watergate Scandal. When Nixon finally resigned because him and Miss Lewinsky were discovered having a late night tryst with Jimmy Carter (who we all remember said that he lusted in his heart) Gerald Ford took over the position and declared Homer Simpson as his Vice President. When it was discovered that Ronald Reagan had Alzheimers disease, the people jumped at the chance of electing him president. It was then that the people realized that when he said that he had not had any sexual relations with that woman everyone believed him. Lewinsky was subsequentially brought up on charges ranging from statuatory rape, to abuse of the elderly. She was of course acquitted of all charges when her laywer Johnny Cochran said, "If the cigar don't fit you must acquit." He was also known to have used his famous Chewbacca defense. After the trial George Lucas sued Johnny Cochran for copyright infringment, that case is still pending, but it has been rumored that Louise Woodward was hired out by Johnny Cochran to shake Lucas really, really hard. Of course, if you haven't gotten tired of reading everything that I've written then by all means continue reading, what the hell do I have to do but write inane stupid things that just don't make any since. Stop me if you heard this one. What does a man with a 14 inch dick have for breakfast? Give up? I don't know, I haven't had breakfast yet. You know I once heard Regis Philbin saythat Bob Costas had a big penis, which leads me to believe that Regis had actually seen the penis. It's also been exaggerated that Kathy Lee Gifford had an affair with Frank Gifford. This after the stewardess (fuck the word flight attendant, this ain't that type of site) filed for divorce from Frank, but since they weren't married she had to rely on her basketball player whom she had had an affair with distraught over what Frank had done to her. In any case, the stewardess then decided that she was going to take Frank on to the Jerry Springer show along with basketball playing boyfriend and the illegitamate child she had gave birth too. After the show, the stewardess pressed charges against Kathy Lee after Kathy Lee repeated socked her other boyfriend Tommy Lee, so they took the case to Judge Judy's court and from there went to the People's Court. The case couldn't be solved in the hour that the shows lasted and so the case has been dropped. Meanwhile, Saddam Hussein was up lat e last night watching the news. Some speculate that the reason why Hussein has continued to challenge the U.S. is because he's jealous that Bill Clinton can still get it up and was porking Hussein's old flame Lewinsky. In any case, we're still bombing the hell out Iraq with no end in sight. Again, this site is copyright © 1998 By Bad Mojo Entertainment, and may not be reproduced without permission.