ICE: That's just it, I think that the only one who was around for the origional leader was Ultra, but I know I wasn't happy with him. I felt like there was something going on behind my back. I hate that.

MOJO: Whenever you lost a member of your group to the grim reaper how would the group react? How did you react?

ICE: Mojo, we had too many people die in our group. I've had people that I got close to, die because I made a wrong decision. When a chummer of mine gets killed, I feel it, then I blow the fragger who capped him into tiny tiny little pieces. The rest of the group deals with it in their own way. Take for instance, when Raptor died, it pissed me off, and I am still waiting with Betsy to remove from the face of the Earth the drekhead who poisened him, but when Fire-Fly blew up, I had to laugh. It all depends on how long, and how well you've known them.

MOJO: Were they given proper burials or was it, "leave the corpse and we'll remember them over dirnks at the local pub"?

ICE: I think that in most cases, there wasn't enough left for a proper burial. That's the thing about the 'dead, when we go out, we go out LOUD!

MOJO: Was there a certain criteria needed to enter the group or was membership open to every John Q. Runner out there?