ICE: No, they did okay with me because they knew that I wouldn't leave them out on a limb, so to speak.

MOJO: Were there any dissenters among the group when you took over?

ICE: Yeah, the origional leader. (Laughs)

MOJO: How was he treated?

ICE: I should have shot the drek-head right there. But I didn't, I thought he was harmless. I made a mistake and it cost me the lives of a couple of my people. Mojo, listen to me on this, the lives of your people are #1 above all else, even if it means scrapping the run. If there is someone in your group who you even suspect of betraying the group, CAP HIM. Accidents can happen, anywheres the rigger's roto-drone running out of juice and dropping on the guys head from 1/2 a klick high, to a Panther Cannon going off when it's being cleaned. If you want a well running team, you've got to know your back is secure.

MOJO: I'll be sure to remember that next time on a run.

ICE: Trust me it's best.

MOJO: Did you have a particular style to leading the group?