ICE: I did not "wrestle" control. You could say that it was a gradual take-over. I was perfectly happy being the tactical coodinator for the 'dead,' but someone had to be the leader, and I was availible.

MOJO: What happened to the original leader?

ICE: He got butt-raped by a horny gorilla. He betrayed the group and has a price on his head.

MOJO: Is that why Jester is gone?

ICE: ..........

MOJO: Okay, on to the next question. Once you attained leadership of "The Dead" what changes did you impose so that they would remain loyal to you?

ICE: What? I told you that I gradually attained leadership because I got tired of my people being shot up. I really didn't impose changes onto them, the gang knew their shit and did okay by themselves.

MOJO: Did the group adjust immediately to you being in charge or did it take time for them to adjust?