Leadership 101: with ICE: (An interview with the leader of The Walking Dead)

Howdy there runners at large. It's been a while, I know, but today we have a little treat. I have here ICE. No, not those little nasties you find on your neighborhood corp. network. I'm talking to ICE the leader of our notorious Walking Dead. He's come here today to enlighten you little drekheads out there that a group without loyalty and sound leadership is doomed from the start.

MOJO: Welcome ICE, thanks for being here.

ICE: Jes is gone for a couple of days so sure I'll answer these questions for ya.

MOJO: Let's start with a simple question. Since you weren't the original leader of The Walking Dead, who was?

ICE: I really don't remember to tell you truthfully, I remember that the leadership we did have was highly inadequate.

MOJO: How did you wrestle control?