Before going on a word of note on this one and only hunted by The 'Dead. Kenshin was the unfortunate victim of the rock and the hard place. When he was forced to choose between his loyalty to his clan (and ultimately his deity) and The Walking Dead. Kenshin chose the former. Can you blame him? Not really. Of course, The 'Dead do and they blame him for Raptor's death and maybe even the reason why Body Bag is being hunted down by El Matador (and unfortunately El Matador's Troubadors). The 'Dead hold grudges and hold them for life. So whatever you do, don't betray them. They will hunt you down and if it means stopping in the middle of a run to kill you they will do it.
So Kenshin, if you're reading, please stay hidden in the shadows away from these lunatics!
General Appearance: Neat, well-groomed, good muscle-tone, athletic, in-general non-descript (they all look the same, don't ya know).
Birth: Placed in an orphanage when he was six, when his parents, who were innocent bystander, were accidentally gunned down duriing a bank robbery. After he was adopted by his ninja clan, he grew up in small village. In the mountains of the Iga province of Japan, where his ninja clan has lived for over eight centuries passing down the secrets of ninjitsu from generation-to-generation.
Family: Was adopted by his ninja clan from an orphanage when they discovered he was magically gifted. His adopted father is a full blooded Oni physical magician, with dark blue skin, and his adopted mother is a korean (!!!!) sorcery adept who can pass for Japanese, his adopted sister is Koborokuru dwarf physical adept, all are ninja.
Religious beliefs: Follows his totem Hachiman as faithfully as possible.
Future goals: To become Jonin (clan leader) of his own clan.
Why does he run the shadows: To practice and hone his skills, to become a more proficient, capable and powerful ninja warrior thus allowing him to rise in status from Genin to Chunin to Jonin of his own clan.
What does the character love: The thrill of sneaking in and out of places undetected. To have a really cool secret fortified safe house, to operate out of, to become a high level initiate, and to be able to really sling the Ju ju whenever he needs to. Also, his secret desire is the thought of living a high or luxurious lifestyle with expensive cars, boats, planes, recreational blimps and hanggliders etc. though this may be impractical given he's a ninja.