>Jester was orphaned at a young age in the nation of Tir Na Nög. After trying to make it on her own, she ran into a yakuza hitman on vacation in the Tir. Seeing her desperate situation, he took her in as his own and trained her as best he could in the art of killing. After a few years, while on assignment in Paris, Jester's tacher was shot multiple times by an unknown assailant but not before Jester herself fired an Ares Predator into the assailants elbow severing it leaving the murdered with out a left forearm. After he teacher's death, Jester was "acquired" by a yak benraku named Jon Jon. He quickly saw how much money Jester would be able to make him due to her physique and beauty that he put her to work as a high class prostitute to top executives in the Japanacorps. After a few years of degrading undignified work and several close calls with drugs, Jester was given her life back in exchange for Jon Jon's life. She accepted and took Jon Jon's life. Now free she went right back to where she left off, killing for money. There's nothing else she would rather do. As a side note, Jester rarely kills for pleasure. She claims not to derive joy from killing, but instead takes pride. Go figure.