Seedy Bar Archetype/ Address/ Swen Jurgenson, owner/ No Racial Bias/ LTG# 11206 (68-4355)

Thie rowdy bar located in the Redmond Barrens is owned by this really freakish Nazi looking dwarf named Swen. In this bar, anything goes! I mean anything. This place is usually loaded with shadowrunners. If you're down on your luck 'cause your contacts have dried up or you want to make a name for yourself and you want to be seen, this is the place to go. No worries about vice squad coming in and busting up your deal either! That's right! No luck? No contacts? Need a rep? No vice? All that and a paycheck too? Great! Just look out for the other runners who'll cut your throat for the same job you're after.

>Had a run that went down there and everything got fragged up. Got into a couple of fights too, lost a few chummers, and got shot in the arm, all in all it's a pretty great place.

>R.I.P. Chummer