>A silent vicious individual, Ice can be counted on to carry out his mission objective regardless of the costs. It is very difficult to earn his respect and trust, but once obtained, there is no force on Earth that will stop Ice if help is needed from him. It is uncertain as to whether or not Ice has any children from before he joined up with the mercenaries, but he recently went through a divorce due to, according to him, alcoholism on his part. He is currently undergoing a program to help with this abusive problem. As for the reason for his dismissal, see file #007134 for complete details. His commander feels that his reaction to the given stimulus were warranted, if not extreme, but in order to retain the bond from the bonding authority, Douglas MacNairn (Commander of the Highland Raiders) was forced to follow through with the court-martial none the less. We feel this loss to the Raiders, as Ice was a Damn Fine Mercenary.

>Douglass MacNairn