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Type: Sniper Rifle

Mode: Semi-Auto

Damage: 14S

Ammo: 5(m)

Concealaility: N/A

Availability: 18/24 days

Price: ¥25,000

Legality: 1-K

Street Index: 2

The Haskins .50 caliber Sniper Rifle is an Anti-Vehicle weapon. It does not suffer the reduced power level penalty attributed to normal weapons.

For example, an Ares Predator hitting a vehicle would have it's M power level reduced to L, the Haskins does not suffer this penalty. The Haskins instead uses an anti-vehicle round specifically designed to go through vehicle armor. The Haskins sniper rifle is also the only rifle designed to take the depleted uranium round (x2 ammo cost).

Damage to metahuman targets is still 14S.

Accepts all rifle accessories but they're all x2 the cost and double the time to aqcuire because accessoires have to be specifically designed for the Haskins.