What can you possibly expect to find here? Nothing, but crap. Crap we've come up with. Like places where we've met or places we've been to or other things, like places to go. Links to some of my favorite sites to go to on Shadowland and so forth, you know, crap. Crap like guns and ammo, cars or drones, crap!! Lots and lots of CRAP. I'll spell it out for you, C-R-A-P!!!

Places: Places to go when you're bored or need a meet. One might suit your style.  Links: Places that would rather have nothing to do with the 'Dead.
 Weapons: For the love of God, try not to use anything here.  Rules: Here you'll find rules that mine and our sick little minds could come up with to either liven up our games or just drag them out and try to stall for time.
 Miscellaneous Crap: Stuff we just felt to lazy to make a single category for.