This was typical. As always Edward gave her a time when a man will arrive and the man would show up late. Her entire life she's run on a clock. She's lived every moment to the second. That's one reason why she didn't like Edward. He would have her places to early. She hated waiting. If anything she was punctual, but she guessed that Edward didn't trust her enough. Maybe, he just wanted to error on the side of caution and make sure she would be there before Walter would, but even then he should at least have the consideration of telling her.

She looked at her watch again. Ten minutes, ten whole minutes. In those ten minutes she could have had the time to make more educated decisions instead of being rushed like she was. In those ten minutes she could have done a whole lot more to impress Walter. In those ten minutes, she could have been perfect. But those ten minutes were gone. Ten minutes of nothing but going over the guidelines of controlling the conversation and drinking French coffee. Ten whole minutes, she thought to herself.

"You know, the Eiffel tower looks a big erect penis." A voice from behind her exclaimed. She looked behind her to see Edward standing behind her staring at the Eiffel tower and a smile on his face.

"You know, I can really understand why people like these little open bistros. Their perfect. Nice, open, plenty of people walking by, easy shots can be taken from different spots..."

"Edward, what are you doing here?" She asked with surprise.

"I'm here to see how you're doing doll face, nice dress."

"Why is Walter late?"

"I've arranged for a little distraction. I got Jack to do a little mime performance with him, while I give you the latest up to date."

"You could have warned me."

"Come on, don't you like surprises."

"No, and I don't like waiting either. So what have you got for me?"

"Well, aren't we being pushy."

She starts to glare at him.

"All right, all right, here." He pulls a small tablet the size of a birth control pill out of a little bottle and puts on a napkin near her coffee cup.

"What's this? I took mine this morning."

"Yeah, well, this one's not for you."

She gives him a confused look.

"That's right, this isn't birth control. Now take and put it away somewhere."

As she takes the pill she slowly begins to realize what it is. As she places it in a small hidden compartment of her purse, she asks, "When do you want me to use?"

"His room."

"His room?"

"Yeah, go with him back to his room, have read some of his prissy poetry, order up some champaign, drop it in his glass, and that's it. You wait 'til he croaks then leave. Simple as that."

"Simple." She repeats, trying to convince herself that it is that easy.

"Right. Now I've gotta go, have fun, doll."


"Listen cheer up, in a few hours, this will all be over and then it's vacation time until our next assignment."

She smiles a fake smile and nods her head.

"That's a good girl."

As Edward leaves, she looks down at her purse. She starts to think about all the things she'd been taught. All the guidelines used, all the training, but none of it mattered to her. She'd never really killed anyone, she thought to herself. She'd been the reason for many people's deaths but she never personally killed anyone. For her death was always far away never near. Friends she'd lost she never saw die before her. The news would come to her in the shape of rumors or news. It would always be about some hooker found dead along the side of the road. When they identified the bodies and publically announced them on the news or newspaper, she would find herself sometimes wincing at the that it could be her, but it never was. Edward made sure of that. When ever she was in trouble, he would be there to save her. He would be close by if she ever needed him. But still, what if one day he gets there too late? What if? She looks up from her purse and sees Walter already sitting down with a cup of coffee on his table and a newspaper in his hand.